• Software: A €910 Billion Catalyst for the EU Economy

    Software is making a profound impact on the EU economy, contributing close to €1 trillion to the EU’s GDP, millions of software-industry related jobs, and billions in R&D investment.

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  • The $1 Trillion Economic Impact of Software

    BSA’s first-of-its kind study reveals the profound impact software is making on the US economy, capturing the breadth its contributions across all 50 states, from job creation to R&D investment.

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  • Encryption: Why It Matters

    Encryption plays a vital but little-known role in our daily lives — from protecting our personal information to guarding critical infrastructure. Learn how it works and why we must keep it strong.

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  • 2016 BSA Global Cloud Computing Scorecard

    The only report to regularly track change in the global cloud computing policy landscape reveals real progress in many markets, but the improvement isn’t uniform.

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Accelerating the Digital Economy

The global software industry is driving rapid evolution in technology. To share in the broad economic and social benefits this offers, governments around the world must craft legal frameworks and foster market conditions that encourage innovation and creative enterprise.
That entails three overriding priorities:

  • Safeguarding intellectual property rights and protections;
  • Opening global markets to digital trade; and
  • Enabling the growth of cloud computing.

Governments also must focus attention on foundational issues for the digital economy and society, such as cybersecurity, privacy, and workforce development.

Policy Issues  Expand All

  • Intellectual Property & Innovation

    BSA advocates robust IP rights and protections that drive the digital economy by encouraging technology innovation.

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  • Data

    To ensure the continued development of cloud computing, Internet-enabled services and data-driven businesses, BSA promotes legal and regulatory policies that enable companies to provide services across borders.

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  • Advancing the Global Cloud

    BSA advocates legal and regulatory cohesion in the global marketplace so companies can provide services across borders and customers can choose from the best the world has to offer.

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  • Security

    BSA advocates policies that harness market forces to promote rapid innovation and adaptation in the face of a constantly evolving threat landscape.

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  • Privacy

    BSA advocates policies that respect and encourage informed consumer choices while ensuring industry can provide products and services tailored to consumers’ specific needs.

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  • Global Markets

    BSA advocates a comprehensive digital trade agenda that opens markets around the world to all of the products and services that define and enable the information age.

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  • Human Capital

    BSA advocates policies that increase the number of highly skilled workers in the fields of science, technology, engineering and mathematics.

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BSA’s 2017 Policy Agenda

Learn more about BSA’s positions on data policy, intellectual property, workforce development, and emerging technologies.

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