Advancing the Global Cloud

Advancing the Global Cloud

Advancing the Global Cloud

Cloud ComputingCloud computing represents a tremendous evolutionary leap in information technology. But to capture the full efficiencies of scale it offers, there must be legal and regulatory cohesion in the international marketplace so companies can provide services across borders and customers can choose from the best solutions the world has to offer.

Specific policy actions needed:

Cross-border data transfers

  • Forge bilateral or multilateral agreements that permit the movement of data across borders.
  • Urge trading partners to reject arbitrary geographic restrictions and requirements for data-storage facilities.


Regulatory Obstacles

  • Oppose discriminatory licensing requirements and certification schemes designed to lock out international cloud providers.


Law enforcement access to communications

  • Update the 1986 Electronic Communications Privacy Act, which governs law enforcement access to stored electronic communications, to clarify its standards while preserving the tools needed to protect the public.
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