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Opening Global Markets

Opening Global MarketsBSA supports a comprehensive digital trade agenda that opens fast-growing IT markets around the world to all of the products and services that define and enable the information age. In addition to strong IP protections, this requires trade rules and policies that ensure government procurement is open to foreign products and services, technology standards are developed through industry-led processes, security-related regulations are not used as disguised barriers to foreign products, and data can flow across borders to enable exciting new IT offerings like cloud computing. It is also critical to remove existing tariffs to IT products and services.

Specific policy actions needed:

Market-opening trade agreements

  • Conclude the Trans-Pacific Partnership trade agreement and an International Services Agreement with strong, market-opening provisions for digital trade.
  • Support expansion of the Information Technology Agreement to include more countries and to lower tariffs on a broader range of IT products.


Bilateral engagement

  • Oppose indigenous innovation policies that aim to bolster domestic champions by skewing the market against international competition.
  • Intensify bilateral engagement with key trading partners to promote their adoption of policies and best practices for fostering innovation in an open and competitive marketplace.



  • Ensure trading partners abide by commitments they have made to keep markets open to IT products and services.
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