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  • "2018 Global Cloud Computing Scorecard: How is China Ranked?"

    WeChat, September 18, 2018. A post by influential B2B technology KOL Tedahao summarising key findings from BSA’s 2018 Cloud Computing Scorecard, with additional emphasis on how China compares with other nations. The post also cited the scorecard as a valuable platform to discuss where countries stand in terms of preparedness for the adoption and growth of cloud computing services, and how their rankings can be improved.

  • "Asean needs to put pedal to metal on digital integration"

    The Business Times, September 13, 2018. Following an interview with The Business Times and BSA Director, Policy for APAC, Darryn Lim, this article called for Asean to pick up the pace on digital policy. The article was published shortly after the Asean Foreign Ministers' Meeting in Singapore to discuss how the region should press on with initiatives for the Asean Economic Community (AEC) 2025 blueprint. The article covered BSA’s views on data localisation, with further input from various other organisations, from law firms and think tanks to financial institutions.

  • "#NAMAprivacy: Data localisation's objectives, and its impact on businesses"

    MediaNama, September 8, 2018. Following BSA Country Manager for India, Venkatesh Krishnamoorthy’s participation in MediaNama’s - India’s Data Protection Law Event, the article appeared on MediaNama as part of the series covering the events in Delhi and Bengaluru on India’s Data Protection Law. First in the series of upcoming articles, the story focuses on the data localisation mandate and extensively covers BSA’s views on the restriction and its consequences. The article also includes similar views from other industry experts including Vinayak Hegde, CTO of Zoomcar, Nehaa Chaudhari, Public Policy Lead, TRA Law, Nayantara Ranganathan, Internet Democracy Project, Vinay Kesari, Independent Lawyer, Rahul Matthan, Partner, Trilegal and others.


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