Global Policy Membership

Global policy membership provides a leadership position within BSA, as well as participation in BSA’s policy programs around the world.

The benefits of Global policy membership include:

A leadership position in BSA

  • Participation on BSA’s Board of Directors and a vote on the strategic direction of the organization.
  • Designation of individuals to serve on regional and country level policy committees to help shape our priorities around the world.

Participation in BSA’s global policy programs

  • Representation on the BSA Global Policy Council, the primary discussion forum and decision making body for our global policy efforts.
  • Voice in BSA’s policy activities worldwide through participation on BSA’s regional policy committees, including key regions such as APAC and EMEA.
  • Involvement in policy coalitions BSA enters into with the broader IT industry.
  • Visibility as a resource for US and foreign governments.

Inclusion in public-facing activities

  • Identification in BSA’s policy-related materials and events
BSA Global & Global Policy Members
  • Okta
Membership Inquiries

For more information on BSA as well as specific information regarding which category of membership best fits your company, please contact: