SAM Solutions

BSA Software Asset Management (SAM) Solutions

Better Protect Your Organization From Cyber-Risks

The Four-Step Action Plan That You Can Apply Today

Technology — powered by software — underlies every aspect of the way businesses run, from office productivity, to HR systems, to point of sale, to data gathering and management, to accounting and finance. Because technology is now mission critical to every aspect of business, the acquisition and deployment of technology, including software, is increasingly occurring outside of a centralized IT function. Today 35% of IT spend happens outside IT departments.1

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BSA offers a suite of ISO-aligned SAM solutions to help organizations reduce legal and security risks while ultimately driving business value.

SAM Advantage

  • A state-of-the-art online training course and certification program designed for IT managers
  • The first SAM course aligned to the ISO/IEC 19770-1 SAM standard
  • SAM Advantage allows IT managers to:
    • Build a best practice standards-based SAM program
    • Proactively and effectively manage their software assets
    • Increase IT efficiencies and control costs
    • Identify and reduce IT risks
    • Become certified in standards-based SAM