Tools and Resources

Compliance Tools

BSA | The Software Alliance wants to make it easy for companies of any size to establish and maintain a software asset management (SAM) program based upon industry standards and best practices. The following library provides a variety of tools and resources from BSA, its members and partners to help you establish your SAM program.

SAM Advantage Professional Certification

SAM Advantage is an online training course and targeted to the IT manager and SAM professional. Successful completion results in the individual becoming a Certified Professional.


Software Management Guide

Use this simple resource for information and helpful tips on how to get started with basic management of software assets and to information about becoming compliant with software license agreements.

Free Software Audit Tools

Software license self-audits are a key component of any software asset management solution. BSA makes available free third-party self-audit tools for download.


Software Asset Management Presentation for Employers (w/ Presentation Notes)

Are you willing to wager that your employees already know how to use company computers responsibly? Communicate to your employees the importance of software audits, software compliance and licensing. It will help prevent the risks associated with workplace software theft.


SAM Employee Policy

An example employee policy on software license management can help a business avoid the risks associated with unlicensed software use.


SAM Employee Memorandum

A companion to the SAM employee policy, this memorandum will announce the SAM program and its requirements as it relates to individual employee behavior to employees.