Industry Standards


ISO (International Organization for Standardization) is the world’s largest developer of voluntary international standards. International standards give state of the art specifications for products, services and good practice, helping to make industry more efficient and effective;  developed through global consensus, the over 19,500 published standards help to break down barriers to international trade.

BSA aligns its BSA Verafirm SAM Certification course to the ISO 19770-1:2017 standard, also known as the SAM standard.

ISO 19770-1 has been developed to enable an organization to prove that it is performing software asset management (SAM) to a standard sufficient to satisfy corporate governance requirements and ensure effective support for IT service management overall. Good practice in SAM should result in several benefits, and certifiable good practices allow management and other organizations to place reliance on the adequacy of these processes.

In addition to 19770-1, there is another published standard also in the SAM family. ISO 19770-2 provides a SAM data standard for software identification (SWID) tags. SWID tags provide authoritative identifying information for installed software or other licensable item such as fonts or copyrighted papers.

This process starts with the software manufacturer or publisher who enables their software to be accurately identified, making the software significantly more manageable from a SAM perspective. Providing accurate software identification data also improves organizational security, lowers the cost and increases the capability of many IT processes such as patch management, desktop management, help desk management, software policy compliance, etc.

BSA has been a member of the ISO 19770 working group since 2008. Additional information can be found at