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BSA Verafirm

BSA Verafirm is an initiative of BSA and leading software publishers that provides education, tools, and certifications designed to help organizations effectively manage their software environment.

SME Information Portal

Through the BSA Verafirm SME Information Portal, BSA provides small and medium enterprises (SMEs) information, educational tools, and resources on Software Asset Management, Cloud technology, digital transformation, and cyber resilience.

The Portal is the place to discover whether cloud computing is right for your business, what to be aware of when choosing licenses, advice and support on cybersecurity, the role of software in maintaining cyber resilience, and much more.

The SME Information Portal helps SMEs understand how Software Asset Management and technology can help their organization grow and succeed.

Software Asset Management Certification for IT Professionals

Companies today, regardless of size, need professionals who understand the benefits of a Software Asset Management (SAM) system and can develop and implement an effective program.

The BSA Verafirm SAM Certification Program provides a comprehensive framework for implementing SAM regardless of the size of the organization.

Developed in partnership with industry leaders, this course is based on the latest edition of the ISO/IEC 19770-1 Standard – IT Asset Management Systems – Requirements (ITAM Standard) established by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO).

The program consists of the BSA Verafirm SAM Certification Online Training Course and the accompanying BSA Verafirm SAM Certification Assessment.

The BSA Verafirm SAM certification Program offers:

  • Content without par that not only covers the ISO standard end-to-end, but also current issues, such as SAM in GDPR and cloud migration, to help organizations build SAM systems that can stand the test of time;
  • Ultimate flexibility in learning with self-paced, online training which can be utilized from any place on any device;
  • A superior learning experience that incorporates the latest in eLearning design including engaging interactive modules, ready-to-use templates, and case studies that make learning practical and easily applicable to real life; and
  • Credentials that offer credibility and mobility. Every BSA Verafirm Certified SAM Professional is provided with a digital credential which can be showcased on digital profiles, linked to new job opportunities, and can be easily verified by potential employers.

For more information on the course and to register visit www.samcertification.org