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MAR 17, 2016 | MALAYSIA

Pirated Software Raids on Shah Alam Corporate Users Result in Seizures Valued at Rm242,800

New educational initiative called “Software Watch by BSA” to further awareness amongst corporate end-users on cybersecurity threats due to software mismanagement.

Shah Alam, Selangor (Thursday, March 17, 2016) –

Enforcement Officers from the Ministry of Domestic Trade, Cooperatives and Consumerism (“MDTCC”) Shah Alam Branch Office raided two businesses in Shah Alam this week for using suspected unlicensed software in their daily business operations.

In a media briefing held to announce the successfully conducted raids, Chief Enforcement Officer for Selangor, Abdul Rosik bin Yakub said, “Two of the raids conducted were undertaken simultaneously on March 15, 2016, demonstrating the Ministry’s continued commitment to ensure intellectual property rights of copyright owners are protected under Malaysian law. The raids were initiated after receiving information from BSA |The Software Alliance (“BSA”) on the alleged use of unlicensed software in these organizations.”

“Subsequently, two raiding teams, comprising enforcement officers and representatives from the BSA, were assembled for the task:

  • The first raiding team entered the premises of a kitchen equipment manufacturer at 1.40 pm. Upon a comprehensive audit of the computers within the premises, 3 computers and 6 copies of suspected unlicensed software were seized from the said organization.
  • In the second raid targeted at a manufacturer of industry fasteners and precision moulding, the raiding team entered its premises at about the same time. When the raid ended at 6.00 pm, enforcement officers had seized 3 computers and 16 copies of suspected unlicensed software from the premises for further investigation.”

“The total value of the seizures (comprising computers and software) from the two raids conducted amounted to approximately RM242,800,” said Abdul Rosik.

Amongst the copies of suspected unlicensed software found were those belonging to Adobe, Autodesk, CNC Software, and Microsoft - all of which are members of BSA.

Abdul Rosik lamented that despite being one of the richest states in the country, Selangor remains one of the leading corporate software piracy hotspots in the country.

“Out of the 84 enforcement actions conducted nationwide in 2015, 26 were in Selangor; resulting in the seizure of 81 computers along with 421 copies of pirated software, valued at over RM5 million. To-date in 2016, we have conducted 4 enforcement actions in Selangor (including these two mentioned in today’s media briefing), resulting in the seizure of 12 computers and 56 copies of pirated software, with a combined worth of about RM527,300.”

Abdul Rosik added, “This is not something Selangor can be proud off. As the agency responsible for the protection of intellectual property rights in Selangor, the Shah Alam Branch of the MDTCC will have to intensify our efforts to curb this unhealthy trend.”

Abdul Rosik reiterated that the responsibility of ensuring only legal software is used in a business environment lies with the senior management of companies. In the event of any lapse in its implementation, it would mean that the management and the company involved are in violation of the Copyright Act 1987, which stipulates the company and its senior management are liable to a fine of RM2,000 to RM20,000 for each illegal copy of software found. Company directors and/or senior management may also face imprisonment of up to five years, if found guilty in a court of law.

Speaking for BSA was Senior Director – Compliance Programs, Asia Pacific, Roland Chan who thanked Abdul Rosik and his officers for their quick and decisive actions resulting in the success of the enforcement actions conducted on March 15, 2016.

Chan said, “Over the years, BSA had initiated many education and awareness building programs aimed at educating and assisting companies to address their software licensing and management issues. It is through these campaigns, that we are seeing the fruits of our labour. However, we cannot rest on our laurels.”

Chan added, “Cybercrime is real and on the rise, transcending borders. Business owners must be vigilant to protect themselves and their businesses from the growing threats of malware and data theft through an effective and efficient software license management practice. In 2016, with the support of the Ministry, BSA has launched a new educational program – Software Watch by BSA - to create further awareness and understanding amongst corporate end-users of cybersecurity threats due to software mismanagement.”

“For more information, assistance and/or participation in this free-of-charge program, BSA encourages business owners to visit www.mysoftwarewatch.org, or call the BSA program secretariat at 03-27803803,” Chan concluded.

About the BSA Anti-piracy Hotline

In complementing the enforcement efforts of the Ministry of Domestic Trade, Co-operatives and Consumerism against software piracy, BSA accepts reports on the use of pirated or unlicensed software in organizations at www.bsa.org or www.facebook.com/bsamalaysiagenuine. Reports can also be made through the BSA toll-free hotline at 1-800-887-800 . BSA provides a reward of up to RM20,000* for any information that results in a successful enforcement action.

* Terms and Conditions Apply

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