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Cybersecurity is dominating the news in 2010. Massive and coordinated global cyberattacks on hundreds of companies. Cyberattack simulations that highlight government and private sector vulnerabilities. And organized cybercriminals who prey on companies from afar – taking refuge behind the anonymity of cyberspace and the immense challenges facing governments and law enforcement pursuing criminals in far off foreign lands.

In April, the BSA Cybersecurity Forums in Brussels and Washington, DC, brought together thought leaders, government policy makers, and experts from the world's leading high-tech companies who are on the front lines confronting these challenges. In a series of keynote addresses and panel discussions, these leaders discussed the state of cybersecurity and the priorities and next steps to protect consumers, businesses, and government IT networks. Discussions focused on the global nature of cyber security threats, the importance of international cooperation, and the opportunities and challenges presented by emerging technologies like cloud computing and identity management.

If you missed this fascinating global view of cybersecurity, policy, technology, and the challenges created by our increasingly connected world, please view the videos and resources below.

RockefellerUSA FlagBSA Cybersecurity Forum
Washington, DC
April 29, 2010
Newseum Knight Conference Center

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European Union FlagEU WelcomeEuropean Cybersecurity Awareness Day # 3 – BSA Cybersecurity Forum 2010
April 13, 2010
European Parliament

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