2011 Global Strategy Summit

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BSA’s 2011 Global Strategy Summit was held November 15-17, 2011, in New Delhi, India. The summit discussed some of the most pressing issues facing the software industry in India and building business opportunities for BSA member companies in this priority market. The event was created for all BSA companies especially BSA board members, general counsels, and policy and other senior executives with an interest in India and the region, as well as members of BSA's India and APAC committees.

The meeting addressed a number of specific goals for BSA member companies:

  • Cement strong partnerships with the Indian government to address software theft and elevate the priority of the issue
  • Address key, high level policy priorities in India – including software piracy, copyright law reform and enforcement infrastructure as well as market access restrictions
  • Create events and relationship-building opportunities with Indian government leaders responsible for technology procurement
  • Launch BSA’s SAM certification program to build awareness with government and business audiences and drive piracy reductions and business opportunities
  • Host events with key business leaders to foster business opportunities for BSA members
  • Build closer working relationships with senior US Government officials and greater US Government awareness of the software industry’s opportunities and challenges in India

The result of the 2011 Global Strategy Summit is stronger business opportunities for BSA members and support for key BSA policy goals in India.

Event Details
  • 11/15/2011
  • New Delhi, India
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For more information on BSA Global Summit Strategy events, contact events@bsa.org.
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