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Petition Frenzy Underscores Urgent Need for H1B Immigration Reform, Says BSA

WASHINGTON, DC — April 1, 2013

BSA | The Software Alliance today called on Congress and the Obama Administration to make reforming the country’s antiquated H1B visa system for high-skilled, foreign-born workers an urgent priority.

“Today is the day companies can start filing H1B petitions for the coming year. It will be a frenzy, because the cap of 65,000 visas is nowhere near high enough to meet demand,” said BSA President and CEO Robert Holleyman. “If you didn’t know better, you might think the H1B petition-filing frenzy had something to do with April Fools’ Day. But it’s no joke.”

“There are individual software companies with thousands of unfilled jobs in research, product development, and engineering. Across the economy, the Bureau of Labor Statistics has predicted that between 2010 and 2020 there will be at least 1.2 million job openings in computing professions that require a bachelor’s degree. But the National Center for Educational Statistics says we’re on pace to produce less than half that many graduates.”

“We need a two-pronged solution for this problem, coupling long-term improvements in STEM education with targeted reforms for high-skilled immigration. Ideally, the latter should help fund the former. BSA supports the framework outlined Immigration Innovation Act, known as I-Squared, and we hope Congress will make it an urgent priority.”

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