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BSA Applauds GAO Conclusion that Improving Quality Is Key to Curbing Abusive Patent Litigation

WASHINGTON, DC — August 22, 2013

BSA | The Software Alliance today welcomed key conclusions of a GAO report mandated by the America Invents Act, which investigated the consequences of patent litigation by non-practicing entities.

“BSA applauds GAO’s conclusion that improving patent quality is the indispensable and surest way to contain the alarming increase in opportunistic litigation that has targeted BSA member companies and their customers over the past decade,” said BSA Government Affairs Director Tim Molino. “Software innovation drives important advances in our economy. Efforts to improve the patent system, as the GAO Report correctly concludes, should focus on increasing patent quality across the board. The AIA made great strides in that direction. In recent months, the PTO has taken a number of noteworthy steps, such as implementing new guidelines to help examiners do a better job, adopting a new patent classification system and continuing to develop a uniform terminology for computer-implemented inventions.”

“BSA also supports legislative initiatives aimed at directly addressing imbalances in the economic incentives for non-practicing entities and their targets,” Molino said. “Those asymmetries create the conditions for quick, profitable and sometimes unwarranted settlements.”

“The GAO report contains a great deal of very useful information that will help the PTO’s ongoing efforts, shape the Congressional debate and help produce an even better US patent system.”

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