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To Settle Claims of Unlicensed Software Use, West Valley, UT company agrees to pay $421,000

WASHINGTON – February 28, 2013 –

BSA | The Software Alliance,the leading global advocate for the software industry, today announced a settlement with Kenworth Sales Co., a truck dealer based in West Valley City, UT, to settle legal claims that it had unlicensed copies of Microsoft and Adobe software installed on its computers. As part of the settlement, Kenworth Sales Co. agreed to pay $421,000, delete all unlicensed software from its computers, acquire any licenses necessary to become fully compliant, and take measures to ensure its future compliance, one of the foundational principles of proper software asset management (SAM).

According to Kyle Treadway, President of the company, “Kenworth Sales highly values good corporate citizenship.  As soon as Kenworth Sales was made aware of the issue leading to the BSA’s inquiry, Kenworth Sales promptly investigated the matter and put in place even stronger protocols to ensure compliance with its existing software management policies.”

The use of unlicensed software is inherently risky – it is illegal and can result in civil as well as criminal penalties; it exposes consumers and businesses to security threats including malware and viruses while ultimately leading to decreased efficiencies in organizations.  Violation of software license agreements effectively denies software copyright owners their rights to compensation for their work.  And competition can suffer when a company using unlicensed software gains a cost advantage over competitors who use legal software.  Through its programs, BSA works to protect its members’ rights and promote fair competition through lawful software use. 

“Software piracy does not just affect the offending business – it carries widespread economic consequences as well,” said Jodie Kelley, BSA’s general counsel and senior vice president of anti-piracy. “Software piracy hampers technology companies’ ability to innovate and create much-needed jobs and government revenues during these challenging economic times.”

BSA offers programs and anti-piracy solutions to help organizations reduce legal and security risks while driving business value. BSA’s SAM Advantage is a state-of-the-art training course and certification program for IT managers that teaches the necessary skills for effective software management. BSA also offers Certified in Standards-based SAM for Organizations, or CSS(O), a product currently in pilot, that independently verifies whether an organization’s SAM processes align with the ISO SAM standard and are ultimately license compliant.

Through its online reporting form and its anti-piracy hotline, 1-888-NO-PIRACY, BSA receives voluntary tips and investigates hundreds of software copyright infringement cases per year in the United States alone. All reports are kept confidential. 

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