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US Sting of Chinese Software Pirate Highlights Massive Global Scale of Illicit Trade in Unlicensed Applications, Says BSA

WASHINGTON, DC — January 8, 2013 —

BSA | The Software Alliance today applauded US officials for successfully bringing to justice a Chinese national who confessed to selling more than $100 million worth of stolen software applications that are used in engineering, defense, and space technology.

“On behalf of BSA and its member companies, I commend all of the agents and officials from the Department of Homeland Security who were involved in this case,” said BSA General Counsel and Senior Vice President for Anti-Piracy Jodie Kelley. “The level of coordination and focus they brought to this investigation demonstrates an impressive level of commitment to combatting intellectual property theft and protecting the kind of technology innovation that drives growth in the modern economy.”

The US Immigration and Customs Enforcement’s division of Homeland Security Investigations today announced that a Chinese national pleaded guilty late Monday to a conspiracy to commit criminal copyright infringement and wire fraud. The individual operated a website used to distribute more than $100 million worth of illegal software, including applications from BSA members Adobe, Autodesk, Bentley Systems, CNC Mastercam, Microsoft, PTC, Siemens PLM, and The MathWorks.

“The massive scale of this single case highlights the broader, persistent problem we face with software piracy around the world,” said Kelley. “Software piracy has huge economic consequences, which underscores the need for continued vigilance by industry, law enforcement authorities, and end users.”

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