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BSA Calls on TTIP Negotiators to Seize Opportunity to Expand Digital Trade

WASHINGTON, DC — July 9, 2013

At the start of negotiations for the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP), BSA | The Software Alliance today called on US and European officials to craft an agreement that will successfully spur innovation and trade in the kinds of products and services that define the digital age.

“These negotiations are an opportunity to modernize trade rules for the realities of the digital economy,” said David Ohrenstein, Director of Global Trade Policy at BSA. “We need to establish new rules of the road that allow cloud computing and other digital products and services to thrive in both markets — and set a precedent for the global economy.”

Leading into the negotiations, BSA recommended eight ways the TTIP can serve as a global blueprint for digital trade, including by ensuring data can flow across borders, providing broad coverage of services, and promoting use of market-led, internationally accepted technology standards.

BSA offered its recommendations in public comments submitted to the US Trade Representative. (Click here to download the submission.)

“With the US and EU accounting for half of the world’s economic output and a third of all trade, we can’t afford to get TTIP wrong,” Ohrenstein said. “We have a tremendous opportunity to expand digital commerce in the most productive and dynamic commercial relationship in the world, and TTIP can be the vehicle to drive that growth.”

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