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BSA Welcomes China’s Pledges to Ensure Legal Software Use by State-Owned Enterprises and Reduce IT Market Barriers

WASHINGTON, DC — July 12, 2013

BSA | The Software Alliance today welcomed commitments by China to strengthen piracy enforcement, adopt procedures to ensure that the country’s state-owned enterprises (SOEs) are using only legal software, and further reduce market barriers to IT products and services.

The new commitments from China came at the conclusion of the 2013 US-China Strategic and Economic Dialogue (S&ED). To promote the use of legal software by SOEs, China specifically pledged to implement software asset management systems and provide sufficient budget for procurement. China also affirmed that it would improve its piracy enforcement mechanisms, including against Internet piracy and trade secret theft, in order to foster increased sales of legitimate IP-intensive products and services.

“The software industry appreciates the attention that US and Chinese officials are giving to software piracy and other market barriers for IT products and services,” said BSA General Counsel and Senior Vice President of Anti-Piracy Jodie Kelley. “It is encouraging that China has committed to specific measures, including implementing a software asset management program, to ensure that its state-owned enterprises are using only legal software. There are proven, internationally recognized best practices for software asset management. Adopting them as common practice would go a long way toward curbing software piracy among state-owned enterprises, and it would send a powerful signal to China’s private sector.”

China also made a number of pledges to reduce market access barriers to software and other IT products and services. These included opening up service sectors including e-commerce, expanding US foreign investment in China through negotiation of a Bilateral Investment Treaty, and submitting an improved offer to join the WTO’s Government Procurement Agreement. 

“These are welcome developments that hold the promise to spur technology innovation and economic growth in both China and the United States,” Kelley said. “We will be able to judge the success of China’s efforts by tracking measurable indicators such as sales of legal software and other IT products and services.”

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