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Issa-Chu Bill Risks Undermining Many Deserving Patents, Says BSA

WASHINGTON, DC — July 24, 2013

BSA | The Software Alliance today applauded US Reps. Darrell Issa (R-Calif.) and Judy Chu (D-Calif.) for focusing attention on the issue of abusive patent litigation, but expressed concern that their STOP Act unfairly discriminates against deserving patents.

"We appreciate the attention that Chairman Issa and Rep. Chu have brought to the issue of troll litigation, but we are concerned that the solution they propose in the STOP Act is too broad," said Tim Molino, BSA Director of Government Affairs. "Expanding a provision in the America Invents Act that was intended to cover a small class of patents could undermine a broad universe of innovation that fully deserves to be eligible for patent protection."

"The most effective way to block frivolous patent lawsuits is by correcting imbalances in the legal system that make troll litigation an attractive business model," said Molino. "There are practical steps we can take to rebalance the scales while improving the quality of patents being issued. We look forward to working with Chairman Issa and Rep. Chu as the patent-litigation debate continues to unfold in the House to shape effective solutions to troll litigation while preserving necessary incentives for innovation."

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