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New Joint Plan on IP Enforcement Shows Significant Achievements and Opportunity for Further Progress, BSA Says

WASHINGTON, DC — June 20, 2013 — BSA | The Software Alliance today welcomed introduction of the second US Joint Strategic Plan on Intellectual Property Enforcement, which lays out a comprehensive framework for policy action to foster innovation in the US economy by protecting IP rights at home and abroad.

“I commend the Administration for its continued focus on protecting intellectual property rights,” said BSA General Counsel and Senior Vice President for Anti-Piracy Jodie Kelley. “The Joint Strategic Plan released today shows how much has been achieved in the few short years since the Office of US Intellectual Property Coordinator was created — and it lays the foundation for additional progress in the years ahead.”

“This new plan builds on the success of the 2010 plan, which broke new ground by marshaling the combined resources of the federal government in a way that had never been done before,” Kelley said. “The United States has now implemented a wide range of best practices in intellectual property enforcement that serve as models for other governments to follow. With this new plan, we are well positioned to continue that momentum.”

“BSA is especially encouraged by the focus on enforcing US IP rights abroad. That is where the software industry and many others face the greatest challenges and opportunities,” said Kelley. “We are also encouraged that the new Joint Strategic Plan acknowledges the challenges and opportunities for IP protection when it comes to new innovations ranging from cloud computing to 3D printing. As technologies evolve, so too must our approaches to protecting innovators.”

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