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Federal Circuit Ruling in CLS Bank Case Reaffirms Patent Protection for Software

WASHINGTON, DC — May 13, 2013

BSA | The Software Alliance today issued the following statement on the decision of the US Federal Circuit Court of Appeals in the case of CLS Bank v. Alice Corp:

“At its core, this ruling reaffirms Supreme Court precedent that software can be patented,” said BSA Government Relations Director Tim Molino. “While the judges split on the appropriate tests for determining when a given software solution is eligible for patent protection, none of them disputed the basic premise that software is governed by the same standards as other types of inventions.”

“The Court’s overall ruling aligns with the position BSA took in its amicus brief,” Molino noted. “It happens that the patents at issue in this case never should have been granted. But the legal bar on the patentability of abstract ideas should not be misunderstood as disallowing software patents generally.”

“Contrary to some of the reaction to the Court’s decision in this case, we respectfully disagree with Judge Moore’s view that Judge Lourie’s standard would invalidate ‘hundreds of thousands of software patents,’” Molino concluded. “True inventions are still inventions, and they’re still patentable.”

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