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In Asia “Pivot,” BSA Urges President to Foster Trade in Data and Information Services

WASHINGTON, DC — April 22, 2014

With President Obama traveling to Japan, Korea, Malaysia and the Philippines — all among the countries negotiating or looking to join the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) — BSA | The Software Alliance today called for a forward-looking agreement to expand trade in data and information services.

“Software-enabled innovations like cloud computing and data analytics are the new drivers of growth and competitiveness. This trip gives the President an opportunity to modernize trade rules accordingly,” said BSA President and CEO Victoria Espinel. “We’re not living in our grandparents’ economy anymore. We need to look over the horizon and remove obstacles for the kinds of products and services that define the digital age.”

“We need information to flow freely across borders and we can’t have arbitrary requirements on things like where servers must be located,” Espinel said. “The TPP brings together countries that account for more than 40 percent of global trade. If they craft a forward-looking agreement that prevents new forms of digital protectionism, they will send a strong signal for the rest of the world to follow.”

For more on how a new wave of digital protectionism has begun to take hold in many of the world’s fastest-growing IT markets and what to do about it, see BSA’s 2013 report “Lockout” and its 2014 report “Powering the Digital Economy: A Trade Agenda to Drive Growth.”

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