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Task Force Report Underscores Importance of Big Data Innovation to US Economy, Spurs Debate on Best Policy Framework

WASHINGTON, DC — May 1, 2014

BSA | The Software Alliance today welcomed a White House task force report to President Obama on the economic and social impact of big data and looked forward to a constructive policy debate about how to capture maximum value from continued technology advances.

“We are pleased the report recognizes that data-driven innovations contribute tremendous value to the US economy and can change people’s lives for the better,” said BSA President and CEO Victoria Espinel. “We encourage policymakers to consider how best to address challenges raised by these new technologies without unnecessarily constraining rapidly evolving industries.”

“The report highlights several important areas that merit policymakers’ attention, including the need for reforms to the Electronic Communications Privacy Act, a national standard for data breaches, and a debate on national standards for consumer privacy,” Espinel said. “We especially appreciate that the report recognizes that data cannot be bound by national borders. US policies should reflect that technology companies serve customers around the world and take into account the rights of both US and international persons.”

“As we noted in BSA’s submission to the White House, the role of information is evolving in our economy and society,” Espinel said. “As exports of digital products and services expand, policymakers must take into consideration the impact of any new policy on digital trade. Information has to flow freely for the 21st century economy to work.”

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