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BSA Stresses Critical Need for Reform to End Patent Abuse in Senate Testimony

WASHINGTON, DC — March 19, 2015 —

In testimony today before the Senate Committee on Small Business and Entrepreneurship, BSA | The Software Alliance points to the enormous economic toll that abusive patent lawsuits place on innovators of all sizes and the need for a strong patent system as it makes the case for patent reform legislation to curb abusive litigation.

“As some of America’s most innovative companies and largest patent holders, BSA member companies value a strong, efficient and consistent patent system as an engine for continued innovation. But today’s patent litigation system is being abused by bad actors looking to game the system by driving up costs on businesses of all sizes, especially small businesses,” said Tim Molino, BSA’s Policy Director who is testifying at the hearing. “Now is the time for Congress to take action and curb abusive patent litigation tactics. By focusing legislative efforts on litigation abuses, we can eliminate incentives for frivolous suits and deter unscrupulous actors while strengthening the patent system so that it is predictable, efficient, and fair.”

BSA’s testimony stresses the urgent need for strong Congressional legislation to rebalance costs and curb abusive litigation behavior. The testimony also highlights key priorities for patent reform legislation and reinforces the importance of patents in promoting innovation.

“We thank the Committee for calling attention to this important issue and urge the Senate to move quickly to advance patent reform legislation,” said Molino.

Click here to download BSA’s testimony.

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