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BSA Applauds Senate Vote to Move Forward on Trade Promotion Authority (TPA)

WASHINGTON — May 14, 2015 —

BSA | The Software Alliance applauded the Senate’s bipartisan vote to proceed with debate on the Trade Promotion Authority (TPA) legislation. Passage of TPA, which defines US trade negotiating objectives and provides the Administration the ability to present to Congress completed trade deals for up-or-down votes, is important to ensure that US trade negotiating partners are willing to present their best offers and to close agreements.

“Promoting trade in the innovative software products and services that are driving global productivity and growth is critical for maintaining US leadership in the 21st century economy,” said BSA President and CEO Victoria Espinel. “US negotiators are working hard to craft trade agreements that address the needs of the digital economy by ensuring that individuals and companies can transfer data across international borders and can choose where to store and process their information. Today’s bipartisan action in the Senate is critical in helping US negotiators achieve the best outcomes for US citizens, workers, and companies.”

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Pearson Cummings

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BSA | The Software Alliance ( is the leading advocate for the global software industry before governments and in the international marketplace. Its members are among the world’s most innovative companies, creating software solutions that spark the economy and improve modern life. With headquarters in Washington, DC, and operations in more than 60 countries, BSA pioneers compliance programs that promote legal software use and advocates for public policies that foster technology innovation and drive growth in the digital economy.
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