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At Summit Meeting, Global Software Industry Executives Advocate Steps to Grow India’s IT Sector

BSA Partnership with Government Promotes Legal Software Use; Industry Meeting Highlights Opportunities to Spur Technology Innovation

New Delhi, India, 15 November 2011 —

Nearly two dozen senior executives from leading multinational software companies such as Adobe, Apple, CA Technologies, Microsoft, and Symantec will gather for a summit meeting in New Delhi this week to advocate steps that will spur growth in India’s burgeoning software and IT sectors.

Organized by the Business Software Alliance (BSA), the summit meeting will showcase a new partnership between industry and government in India to promote legal software use among public agencies and private enterprises. Software executives from BSA member companies also will meet with top business leaders and policy-makers to discuss opportunities to accelerate technology innovation in India by bolstering intellectual property protections and lowering market-access barriers.

“The IT sector has been powering India’s remarkable economic rise, and BSA is honored to be working closely with the Government to further strengthen the country’s IT ecosystem,” said BSA President and CEO Robert Holleyman. “Our partnership promotes legal, secure software use throughout the marketplace. It also highlights additional opportunities to spur continued technological innovation and growth.”

BSA and India’s Department of Information Technology have forged an alliance to promote cutting-edge practices for organizations to manage their software assets. The initiative builds on successful partnerships BSA has had previously with the state governments of Karnataka, Maharashtra, and Andhra Pradesh.

The new joint campaign with the Department of IT will help organizations get the most value out of their investments in software while ensuring they use only legally licensed programs, thereby spreading best practices for complying with copyright laws throughout the marketplace. BSA also will launch a first-of-its kind certification program, called CSS(O), for organizations that implement software asset management practices according to international standards.

Over the course of BSA’s three-day Global Strategy Summit, participating software executives will meet with top government leaders, including high-level officials from the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology, the Ministry of Commerce and Industry, and the National Innovation Council. These meetings will focus on how to speed software and IT-sector growth by strengthening the market environment with policy steps that advance IP protection, create balanced trade, and ensure neutral, non-prescriptive principles in areas such as technology procurement.

“India is already a country on the move when it comes to software and IT, and we believe it has strong market fundamentals that position it well for continued growth over the long term,” said BSA’s Holleyman. “With the smart policy steps, there is an opportunity to keep building around India’s strengths.”

BSA recently published a study conducted by the Economist Intelligence Unit that found India had surged an impressive 10 ranking positions in its IT industry competitiveness compared to 65 other countries. The Indian IT sector now accounts for 6.4 percent of the country’s GDP and more than 2.5 million jobs. Yet the 2011 IT Industry Competitiveness Index also found India had room for considerable improvement in areas such as IT infrastructure, the business and legal environment, and government support for industry.

“India has emerged as a global IT powerhouse, but in order to continue our progress, we must implement policies that inspire the trust and confidence of stakeholders from business and government,” said BSA India Director Lizum Mishra. “India has a clear opportunity to further boost its IT competitiveness with policies that promote technology innovation by bolstering intellectual property protections.” 

Said Holleyman: “Over the past two decades, IT innovation has been an important agent for change in India. It has helped raise incomes, improve quality of life, and drive social and economic development. Nowhere in the world are these changes more apparent than in India. It is a country with limitless potential, and BSA looks forward to continuing our work with all stakeholders to promote new technological innovation and further growth.”

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