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BSA Aligns Operations for Increased Global Advocacy Focus, Expanded Anti-Piracy Activity

New structure integrates policy, government relations, and public engagement; headquarters moving to Capitol Hill

Washington, DC — April 19 —

The Business Software Alliance today announced it is aligning its operations to expand its focus as the industry’s premier anti-piracy organization, and accelerate and intensify its global advocacy around key emerging issues for the technology industry as new waves of innovation sweep through the market.

“The global technology market is exploding in new directions around cloud computing, networked mobile devices, and other rapidly evolving innovations, and there are parallel shifts underway in key public debates,” said BSA President and CEO Robert Holleyman. “Governments in the United States, Europe and other regions are aggressively delving into issues that are mission-critical for BSA member companies, from privacy and security to intellectual property protection.”

“BSA’s member companies are constantly reinventing themselves — and to continue serving as the most effective advocate for their interests, so are we,” Holleyman said. “BSA plays an especially important role in the industry because we are the only technology association with truly global reach through our offices in Brussels, Beijing, New Delhi, and other world capitals. Today we are aligning our organizational structure to accelerate and intensify our US and international advocacy initiatives. We are fully integrating our public policy, government relations, and public engagement activities around emerging issues that are critical to our members’ new and existing lines of business. We also are expanding our focus as the industry’s premier anti-piracy organization, because new technology architectures in cloud and handheld computing are creating new challenges for protecting intellectual property.”

To amplify BSA’s voice and maximize the value it provides its members, Holleyman announced that BSA is structuring itself in two operating units, one driving advocacy on high-priority issues ranging from intellectual property protection to privacy and security, and one focusing on combating software piracy.

Effective immediately, Matt Reid, formerly Vice President of Communications, will serve as Senior Vice President of External Affairs, a newly formed group within BSA that will align public policy, government relations, and public engagement into a coordinated and expanded global advocacy operation. The group will intensify BSA’s efforts to advance public debates on high-priority issues around the world.

Reid brings a wealth of advocacy experience to this leadership role. He began his career as a political campaign manager and consultant, and later served as an advisor to Fortune 500 companies and global organizations on issues advocacy and management. He lobbied on behalf of clients in the energy and real-estate development industries, and he founded and ran the public affairs practice of the global communications agency Waggener Edstrom, opening its offices in Washington, DC and Brussels. Within BSA’s new external affairs group, Vice President of Government Relations Katherine McGuire, a 17-year Capitol Hill veteran who served as a senior legislative aide and advisor in the US Senate, will continue to drive direct engagement with policymakers, with a renewed focus on education and advocacy.  

BSA General Counsel Jodie Kelley will take on additional responsibilities as Senior Vice President of Anti-Piracy. In her expanded leadership role, Kelley will head all anti-piracy operations and activities globally, including copyright enforcement, anti-piracy education and marketing, and anti-piracy public policy. Kelley’s group will work with BSA members to address traditional forms of software piracy and fast-emerging new intellectual property issues in the cloud. It also will expand BSA’s global initiatives to increase software license compliance among end users, including BSA’s industry-leading certification programs in software asset management.

Kelley joined BSA in 2009 as General Counsel and Vice President for Anti-Piracy with responsibility for the Americas and EMEA. In 2010, she assumed responsibility for anti-piracy work in the Asia-Pacific region, consolidating all of BSA’s strategic anti-piracy efforts. Prior to joining BSA, she was the Deputy General Counsel at a Fortune 20 financial services firm.

To increase its influence in US legislative and regulatory deliberations, BSA will relocate its offices to Capitol Hill this summer. “This move, coupled with a heightened level of energy and drive in our offices in Brussels, Beijing, and other capitals, will make BSA a more active and effective global advocate for our members,” said Holleyman.

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The Business Software Alliance ( is the leading global advocate for the software industry. It is an association of nearly 100 world-class companies that invest billions of dollars annually to create software solutions that spark the economy and improve modern life. Through international government relations, intellectual property enforcement and educational activities, BSA expands the horizons of the digital world and builds trust and confidence in the new technologies driving it forward.

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