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Harmonized Cloud Policies Needed for Economic Growth, BSA CEO Tells House Judiciary Committee

Holleyman outlines policy blueprint for economic growth in the cloud

Washington, DC — July 25, 2012 —

In testimony today before the House Judiciary Committee, Business Software Alliance (BSA) President and CEO Robert Holleyman outlined a series of recommended policy measures to protect US leadership in cloud computing, drawing on extensive research the group has conducted on cloud issues.

“Cloud-driven innovation will generate more than a trillion dollars in revenue in a few years, and millions of jobs,” said Holleyman. “Other countries have figured this out, and they are doing everything they can to take advantage of this opportunity – including implementing protectionist policy measures that shut out international companies. If this gold rush mentality continues, it will be quite difficult for data to flow across borders, crippling the global cloud economy. The key lies in harmonized policies – and American leadership in the cloud.”

Holleyman concluded his testimony with specific action items for Committee members to ensure the continued cloud policy leadership of the United States, including:

  • Taking the lead in reforming the Electronic Communications Privacy Act (ECPA). The law was passed in 1986 and is outmoded for today’s technology. In the cloud era, digital files deserve the same protections as other forms of communication.
  • Helping to dispel myths about the USA Patriot Act. Governments and commercial interests around the world are using the law as a red herring to sow distrust. The fact is most governments have authority to access data to protect national security.
  • Ensuring vigorous enforcement of laws against IP theft – no matter how the technology in question is set up.

BSA further outlined the seven-part cloud policy blueprint that accompanied BSA’s 2012 Global Cloud Computing Scorecard. Holleyman stressed three guiding principles for US policymakers:

  • First, show how privacy and security rules can protect consumers while also encouraging robust digital commerce;
  • Second, promote a free-trade agenda that ensures data can flow across borders and technologies work together;
  • Third, promote innovation in the cloud the same way it is promoted everywhere else. This includes protecting innovators’ rights and halting new forms of cybercrime and theft.

In addition to BSA’s Global Cloud Computing Scorecard, Holleyman’s testimony stressed findings from a recent study on cloud usage and potential abuse, as well as a white paper on a new wave of IT-focused protectionism in emerging markets.

“Congress must stop the global cloud market from getting carved into country-sized pieces,” said Holleyman. “We look forward to working with policymakers to ensure the cloud economy reaches its full potential.”

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