Trade and Global Markets

Trade and Global Markets

Digital Trade

Digital trade has become a key factor in the economic competitiveness of all trading partners. International data flows, in particular, enable companies in all industry sectors to take advantage of the cutting-edge tools that allow them to succeed. New international rules on data are critical to the future of the economy and job creation. As reflected in Modernizing Digital Trade – An Agenda for Software (PDF), BSA advocates for 21st century digital trade rules that promote:

  • The ability to transfer data across borders while protecting personal information;
  • The recognition of electronic signatures in commercial transactions;
  • The protection of intellectual property together with appropriate exceptions and safeguards;
  • Clear rules permitting commercial data gathering and rules providing protections from liability for unlawful content posted by third parties;
  • The use of innovative technology in the public sector;
  • The security of encryption in commercial products; and
  • Interoperability and adherence to internationally-recognized standards.

BSA also works to counter digital protectionism in its various forms by advocating for prohibitions on:

  • Data localization requirements;
  • Customs duties on electronic transmissions;
  • Preferential treatment for state-owned enterprises; and
  • Source code or algorithm disclosure requirements and other forced technology transfer mechanisms.

Government Engagement

BSA advances these and other digital trade priorities by engaging with governments around the world on bilateral and regional trade agreement negotiations. BSA also works with governments regarding digital trade priorities at the World Trade Organization, the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development, and Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation, among other international organizations. Recently, BSA made the following trade-related submissions to the governments of the United States, United Kingdom, and Australia:

BSA submissions to the US government on:

BSA submissions to the UK government on:

BSA submission to the Australia government on:


Trade Enforcement

BSA also works in priority markets around the globe to support trade enforcement. This includes BSA submissions to the US government under:

BSA’s 2019 Policy Agenda

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