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BSA Policy Agenda

BSA Policy Agenda

Accelerating the Digital Economy

The global software industry is driving rapid evolution in technology. To share in the broad economic and social benefits this offers, governments around the world must craft legal frameworks and foster market conditions that encourage innovation and creative enterprise.

That entails three overriding priorities:

  • Safeguarding intellectual property rights and protections;
  • Opening global markets to digital trade; and
  • Enabling the growth of cloud computing.

Governments also must focus attention on foundational issues for the digital economy and society, such as facilitating a secure digital environment, enabling user trust in technology, and promoting development of a digital workforce.

BSA's global advocacy efforts center on the following areas:

Safeguarding Intellectual Property and Promoting Innovation

Intellectual property is a critical driver of technological innovation and economic competitiveness — and it is at the very heart of the software business, encouraging innovators to invest in research and product development for the benefit of customers and consumers. (Click here for more.)

Opening Trade in Global Markets

BSA supports a comprehensive digital trade agenda that opens fast-growing IT markets around the world to all of the products and services that define and enable the information age. This requires trade rules and policies that ensure government procurement is open to foreign products and services, technology standards are developed through industry-led processes, security-related regulations are not disguised as barriers to foreign products, strong intellectual property provisions are in place, and data can flow across borders to enable exciting new IT offerings like cloud computing. It is also critical to remove existing tariffs to IT products and services. (Click here for more.)

Advancing the Global Cloud

Cloud computing represents a tremendous evolutionary leap in information technology. But to capture the full efficiencies of scale it offers, there must be legal and regulatory cohesion throughout the international marketplace so companies can provide services across borders and customers can choose from the best solutions the world has to offer. (Click here for more.)


Cybersecurity policies should marshal market forces to protect the information systems that are indispensable to a thriving digital economy. They must promote rapid innovation and adaptation in the face of a constantly evolving threat landscape. And because the economy is global, they must be internationally cohesive. (Click here for more.)


BSA supports a balanced approach to data privacy that respects and encourages informed consumer choices while ensuring industry can continue delivering value to consumers by providing products and services tailored to their specific needs. Privacy regimes also must support the free flow of data across international borders so cloud computing and other valuable data services can flourish. (Click here for more.)

Workforce Development

The software industry requires a global workforce equipped with the advanced knowledge and skills needed in the digital economy. BSA advocates policies to produce and retain highly skilled workers by strengthening enrollment in advanced science, technology, engineering, and math programs; by providing incentives for teacher training in these areas; and by advancing common-sense reforms that allow highly-skilled migrants to meet technology workforce needs around the globe. (Click here for more.)