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PrivacyThe software industry is committed to responsible use of data, wholly focused on earning and maintaining the trust of our users in the digital environment. A balanced approach to data privacy is necessary in order to expand public trust and confidence in digital commerce by respecting and encouraging informed user choices while ensuring industry can continue delivering the digital products and services consumers and enterprises have come to rely upon. Privacy regimes also must support the free flow of data across international borders in order to preserve valuable business-enabling services such as cloud computing that are increasingly indispensable to users of all types in the modern digital economy.  

Specific policy actions needed:

Balanced privacy protections

  • Ensure that privacy rules are flexible enough to evolve with emerging technologies such as cloud computing and other new and beneficial advances in the digital environment.
  • Avoid prescriptive rules mandating specific procedures or technologies to achieve privacy outcomes.
  • Promote a risk-based, rather than precautionary, approach to data privacy in order to achieve the common good of delivering privacy protections where they are most needed while enabling innovation and technological progress.
  • Support sound data-stewardship practices to protect user privacy through enforceable voluntary, industry-led efforts, and by promoting responsible Internet habits among users.
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