• 2018 BSA Global Cloud Computing Scorecard

    An update to the only report to regularly track change in the global cloud computing policy landscape shuffles the rankings – and finds some markets falling farther behind.

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  • What's the Big Deal With Data?

    Today's data revolution is fueled by fundamental technologies that change how we gather, store, analyze and transform data.

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  • APAC Cybersecurity Dashboard

    An analysis of cybersecurity laws, rules and policies across the Asia Pacific region.

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Accelerating the Digital Economy

Software innovation is transforming every sector of our economy and enriching every aspect of our lives.

Software enables businesses to grow through cloud computing solutions and analytics, and it allows individuals to hold the power of the internet in their pockets. Members of BSA | The Software Alliance provide cloud services, data analytics, cybersecurity solutions, and other cutting-edge products and services to businesses of all sizes across all industries. They are at the forefront of the technological promises of artificial intelligence, blockchain, and the Internet of Things.

Policies that reward innovation, allow software service providers to meet their customers’ privacy and security expectations, and reduce barriers to digital trade, will accelerate society’s access to the benefits of software and the data economy.


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