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FEB 08, 2015 | AUSTRALIA

Victorian Businesses See Highest Illegal Software Usage for the Second Year Running

BSA | The Software Alliance urges businesses to undertake regular software audits as reports of cybercrime ramp up

BSA 2014 case load in review:

  • 12 cases settled in 2014; with over $800,000 of illegal software found being used
  • Victoria recorded as state with the highest number of settlements for second year running
  • Architectural/design and engineering industries accounted for nearly half of settlements

Australia — February 09, 2015 —

BSA | The Software Alliance (BSA), the leading advocate for the global software industry, is urging businesses across Australia to be mindful of increased cybercrime risks as it recorded a busy 2014, actioning 12 cases where illegal software with an estimated value of $825,000 was found.

Australians remained vigilant in reporting illegal software use in business, with cases reported from New South Wales, Victoria, Queensland, South and Western Australia. For the second year running, Victoria recorded the most settlements with almost three- quarters of cases settled originating in the state. This is a significant increase from 2013 with Victoria and New South Wales registering 39% and 38% of settlements respectively.

The architectural/design industry accounted for nearly one-third of settlements (27%), with the engineering sector following closely at 20%. The remaining settlements were spread across a variety of industries including manufacturing, real estate, IT, recruitment and sales/distribution.

In 2014, the BSA’s Global Software Study revealed that computer users cited the risk of security threats from malware as the top reason not to use unlicensed software. With the Australian Cybercrime Online Reporting Network recently disclosing that Australians were reporting over 500 cybercrimes every week, the BSA is now calling on businesses to ensure their software is properly licensed as a key step towards protecting their intellectual property and business processes.

“2014’s results prove that illegal software use remains a challenge in industries across the country, but they also show that Australians are prepared to take action in reporting these infringements,” said Roland Chan, Senior Director, Compliance Programs – Asia-Pacific.

“Our recent Global Software Survey showed that less than half of IT Managers said they were confident that their company’s software was properly licensed,” he continued. “With reports of cybercrime rising in Australia, it’s now more important than ever for businesses to ensure they have a formal policy on licensed software use to ensure the best possible security.”

“In 2015, the BSA will continue to work hard on educating businesses on the benefits of a sound Software Asset Management programme, helping them to avoid legal and security risks, and ensure they have the right number of licenses for their users.”

The BSA remains committed to its role in raising awareness of the risks to businesses when using unlicensed software and the damaging effects that software piracy has on the Australian IT industry.

Each business caught using unlicensed software was required to purchase genuine software licenses for its ongoing use, in addition to paying the copyright infringement damages penalty.

For more information on the state of software piracy in Australia, the BSA or BSA’s Software Asset Management Program: www.bsa.org

About BSA

BSA | The Software Alliance (www.bsa.org) is the leading advocate for the global software industry before governments and in the international marketplace. Its members are among the world’s most innovative companies, creating software solutions that spark the economy and improve modern life. With headquarters in Washington, DC, and operations in more than 60 countries around the world, BSA pioneers compliance programs that promote legal software use and advocates for public policies that foster technology innovation and drive growth in the digital economy.

For more information about the state of software piracy in Australia, the BSA or for general media enquiries, please contact: Kimberley McMillan Text100 02 9956 5733Kim.McMillan@Text100.com.au


A BSA | The Software Alliance (www.bsa.org) é a principal defensora do setor global de software perante governos e no mercado internacional. Seus membros estão entre as empresas mais inovadoras do mundo, criando soluções de software que estimulam a economia e melhoram a vida moderna.

Com sede em Washington, DC e operações em mais de 30 países, a BSA promove programas de conformidade que promovem o uso legal de software e defendem políticas públicas que promovem a inovação tecnológica e o crescimento da economia digital.


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