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MAR 20, 2020 | GLOBAL

A Message From BSA | The Software Alliance About COVID-19

These are difficult and unpredictable times. First and foremost, I hope you and your families are safe and healthy.

Throughout BSA, we are dedicated to making sure our people are safe, our operations continue to run smoothly, and we continue to deliver a high level of service to our members.

Our member companies care deeply about the safety and wellbeing of their employees, customers, partners, and our entire global community. This is a time when taking responsible action is more important than ever.

Many BSA members are addressing the COVID-19 crisis in a number of ways, including: providing free access to their services; advice and help regarding remote work; extension of contract terms and subscriptions; helping track and disseminate information on the spread of the virus; supporting medical research efforts; preventing the spread of malicious campaigns including email spam, malware, and ransomware; requiring employees to work from home and continuing to pay hourly workers who cannot do their jobs remotely; donating to emergency funds; and partnering with governments to keep people safe.

You can read about these actions here.

BSA Member COVID-19 Resources

--Victoria Espinel, President and CEO of BSA | The Software Alliance



BSA | The Software Alliance (www.bsa.org) es el principal defensor de la industria global del software ante los gobiernos y en el mercado internacional. Sus miembros se encuentran entre las compañías más innovadoras del mundo, creando soluciones de software que impulsan la economía y mejoran la vida moderna.

Con sede central en Washington, DC y operaciones en más de 30 países, BSA es pionera en programas de cumplimiento normativo diseñados para fomentar el uso legal de software, y apoya políticas públicas que incentivan la innovación tecnológica e impulsan el crecimiento de la economía digital.


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