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JAN 26, 2023 | US

BSA: NIST Risk Management Framework Promotes Responsible AI Development

AI RMF Builds on BSA’s Framework to Build Trust in AI

WASHINGTON – BSA | The Software Alliance on Tuesday issued the following statement from BSA Vice President of Global Public Policy Aaron Cooper regarding the NIST AI Risk Management Framework:

BSA | The Software Alliance and the enterprise software industry have been at the forefront of policy development to maximize the benefits of artificial intelligence (AI) technologies while mitigating risk and bias.

The NIST AI Risk Management Framework (AI RMF) constructively builds upon the work BSA has done in the Framework to Build Trust in AI, together offering an important path forward for the responsible development and deployment of AI products and services. The AI RMF, like the BSA Framework, creates a lifecycle approach for addressing AI risks, identifies characteristics of Trustworthy AI, recognizes the importance of context-based solutions, and acknowledges the importance of impact assessments to identify, document, and mitigate risks.

This approach is well-aligned with BSA’s Framework to Build Trust in AI, which emphasizes the need to focus on high-risk uses of AI, highlights the value of impact assessments, and distinguishes between the obligations for those companies that develop AI, and those entities that deploy AI.

We were pleased to launch the BSA Framework at an event with Secretary Raimondo and congratulate her and the Commerce Department for their efforts in developing the AI RMF. We appreciate the opportunity to engage with NIST to help promote the responsible development of AI and look forward to working with BSA members to determine how best to promote the AI RMF and draw from other best practices to advance consistent approaches around the world.

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Con sede central en Washington, DC y operaciones en más de 30 países, BSA es pionera en programas de cumplimiento normativo diseñados para fomentar el uso legal de software, y apoya políticas públicas que incentivan la innovación tecnológica e impulsan el crecimiento de la economía digital.


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