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NOV 18, 2020 | GLOBAL

Global Data Alliance Expands Into New Sectors

WASHINGTON – November 18, 2020 – Launched in January 2020, the Global Data Alliance provides a multi-industry voice on the importance of responsible international cross-border data transfers in sectors ranging from consumer products and financial services to health and medical devices. Now, the work of the Global Data Alliance is expanding with the addition of seven new members from around the world: Citi, ITB, LEGO, Medtronic, Pfizer, Roche, and UDS Technology. These companies extend the Global Data Alliance’s multi-industry coalition into the pharmaceutical and medical device manufacturing sectors and widen its global footprint to include companies headquartered in Brazil, Denmark, Ireland, and Switzerland.

“The COVID-19 pandemic provides an important example of the value of cross-border data flows. Medical researchers around the world are working at breakneck speed to engineer treatments and vaccines. To find effective solutions, these scientists must be able to share their findings across borders. Essential research into COVID-19 is not possible without trusted, responsible international data transfers,” said Victoria Espinel, President and CEO of BSA | The Software Alliance, which administers the Global Data Alliance. “The Global Data Alliance’s broad multi-industry, multinational membership highlights that cross-border data drives the digital economy in every industry. I’m pleased to welcome these new members, who will help us grow the Global Data Alliance’s impact in new industries and countries. I look forward to continuing the Global Data Alliance’s work to instill trust in the digital economy and safeguard the ability to transfer data internationally.”

One of the lessons of this global pandemic has been that reliable, trustworthy data is even more essential in moments of crisis. It also underscored how essential software tools and data transfers are to our economy. The Global Data Alliance recently launched a primer on Cross-Border Data Transfers & Remote Health Services, as well as a primer on Cross-Border Data Transfers & Remote Work. The Alliance will issue several other primers on the sector-specific benefits of cross-border data flows in the coming months. To stay up-to-date on the latest from the Global Data Alliance, please visit globaldataalliance.org or email Joseph Whitlock.

About the Global Data Alliance

The Global Data Alliance (globaldataalliance.org) is a cross-industry coalition of companies that are committed to high standards of data responsibility and that rely on the ability to transfer data around the world to innovate and create jobs. The Alliance supports policies that help instill trust in the digital economy while safeguarding the ability to transfer data across borders and refraining from imposing data localization requirements that restrict trade.

Alliance members include BSA members and American Express, Amgen, AT&T, Citi, ITB360, LEGO, Mastercard, Medtronic, Panasonic, Pfizer, Roche, UDS, United Airlines, Verizon, VISA, and WD-40 Company. These companies are headquartered across the globe and are active in the advanced manufacturing, aerospace, automotive, consumer goods, electronics, energy, financial services, health, supply chain, and telecommunications sectors, among others. BSA | The Software Alliance administers the Global Data Alliance.


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