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OCT 15, 2018 | GLOBAL

BSA | The Software Alliance Unveils Global Privacy Best Practices to Guide the Development of Data Privacy Frameworks and Build Trust in the Global Economy

SINGAPORE – October 16, 2018 – BSA companies are at the forefront of privacy and security. We are working with governments around the world who are focused on protecting the privacy of their citizens. Many have begun implementing new personal data privacy laws or are considering enactment of new legislation to support the effort to build strong privacy protections around the world. BSA | The Software Alliance, the leading advocate for the global software industry, is releasing comprehensive Global Privacy Best Practices to guide policymakers as they seek to develop and implement these data protection frameworks.

“We need to ensure that policies meet the privacy and security expectations of consumers, which is critical to the continued success of the data economy,” said Victoria Espinel, President and CEO of BSA | The Software Alliance. “Data improves the ability of people to make decisions and for companies in every industry sector to compete. As governments around the world look to modernize their systems, we will work alongside them to ensure that personal privacy rules are robust and internationally consistent.”

Enabled by software, data-driven innovation continues to power the modern economy, and it will become even more important across every industry sector. Establishing clear guidelines on how personal data is used will protect privacy, and also help boost crucial economic growth and job creation.

Through these Global Privacy Best Practices, BSA recommends a user-centric approach to privacy that will provide consumers with mechanisms to control their personal data. It is important to ensure that the use of personal data is consistent with consumer expectations, while also enabling companies to provide innovative solutions for businesses and consumers.

BSA’s recommendations include:

  • Making data collection and use more transparent;
  • Giving consumers more control over their personal data;
  • Enabling responsible governance over data collection and use;
  • Ensuring strong enforcement for data protection rules; and
  • Providing robust security to protect again unauthorized access or use of personal data.

To explore the full version of the BSA Global Privacy Best Practices, visit http://bit.ly/BSA-GlobalPrivacy


A BSA | The Software Alliance (www.bsa.org) é a principal defensora do setor global de software perante governos e no mercado internacional. Seus membros estão entre as empresas mais inovadoras do mundo, criando soluções de software que estimulam a economia e melhoram a vida moderna.

Com sede em Washington, DC e operações em mais de 30 países, a BSA promove programas de conformidade que promovem o uso legal de software e defendem políticas públicas que promovem a inovação tecnológica e o crescimento da economia digital.


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