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Software innovation continues to connect people across the world and transform daily business practices. These online connections create efficiencies and spur economic growth, but they also create vulnerabilities that bad actors can exploit if the proper security measures are not in place. Addressing cybersecurity challenges requires innovative practices and tools to defend the integrity, privacy, and resilience of the Internet ecosystem.

BSA supports efforts to improve governments and industries capabilities and readiness to address cybersecurity threats. This includes promoting a secure software ecosystem, strengthening cybersecurity workforce capabilities, supporting policies that enable the development of cutting-edge cybersecurity technologies, and other steps to secure and defend information infrastructure.


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Updated: BSA Framework for Secure Software

SEP 22, 2020 | GLOBAL

BSA’s first-of-its-kind framework is a flexible and holistic approach to guide and assess efforts to enhance software security.

BSA 5G Security Agenda cover

Securing 5G: A Call to Harness Software Innovation

JUL 21, 2020 | GLOBAL

Governments across the globe are racing to develop and deploy 5G technologies because of the enormous potential of 5G networks to transform businesses and individual lives. 5G networks will bring quantum leaps in speed, latency reduction, and flexibility that enable a wide range of new applications. In particular, 5G will support massive expansion of the Internet of Things (IoT), which is expected to grow to more than 200 billion devices by 2023. Together, these technologies will fundamentally reshape the global economy, improve the quality of life for billions of individuals, reshape the digital ecosystem, and transform how humans interact with the physical world.

BSA Principles of IoT Cover

BSA Policy Principles for Building a Secure and Trustworthy Internet of Things

JUL 02, 2020 | GLOBAL

As trusted leaders in the global software industry, BSA members are at the forefront of Internet of Things (IoT) innovation, including advancements in IoT security. BSA endorses the following principles for building trust in the IoT that embody a responsible, risk-based approach to government IoT security policy.

BSA 2020 Cybersecurity Agenda cover

Securing Tomorrow: BSA’s Cybersecurity Priorities and Software’s Essential Role

FEB 03, 2020 | GLOBAL

BSA | The Software Alliance urges governments to embrace software solutions, as well as collaboration with the software industry, to confront urgent security challenges.

BSA Principles for Good Governance: Supply Chain Risk Management cover

BSA Principles for Good Governance: Supply Chain Risk Management

JUL 17, 2019 | GLOBAL

Managing security risks to information technology supply chains is an important priority for both governments and businesses globally.

BSA International Cybersecurity Framework

BSA International Cybersecurity Framework

APR 23, 2018 | GLOBAL | US

Working together, government and industry can help the world’s citizens reap the benefits of the digital economy while protecting our safety, security, and privacy.



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OCT 13, 2020 | US

Inside Cybersecurity, October 13, 2020. “We share the goal of the Defense Department to embrace modern software development and the policy is very useful for us and our members,” Tommy Ross, senior director of policy at BSA | The Software Alliance, told Inside Cybersecurity. “However, the pathway should not just be about developing software rapidly. It needs to also be about developing software that is secure.” Read more

SEP 23, 2020 | US

American Enterprise Institute, September 23, 2020. On the latest episode of “Explain to Shane,” AEI's Shane Tews sat down with Tommy Ross, Senior Policy Director at BSA | The Software Alliance and author of BSA’s position paper titled “Securing 5G: A Call to Harness Software Innovation,” which discusses the transition from hardware-dominated networking to a software-centric model for 5G. Read more

SEP 23, 2020 | GLOBAL

Inside Cybersecurity, September 23, 2020. A revised, industry-crafted framework for software security offers more guidance on addressing supply-chain threats and maps to NIST’s recent work on the topic, according to Tommy Ross of BSA -- The Software Alliance, who said the tool is increasingly important as risks grow and government policymakers reach for solutions that could include regulation. Read more

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