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12th International Cybersecurity Symposium: “Creating Trusted Cybersecurity Actions for the Social, Economic, and National Security Domains”

Speaker: Jared Ragland, Senior Director, Policy – APAC, BSA | The Software Alliance

BSA’s Jared Ragland joins a panel discussion about the Practical Steps to Creating Real Social, Economic, and National Security at Keio University in Tokyo. The theme for the 12th International Cybersecurity Symposium is “Creating Trusted Cybersecurity Actions for the Social, Economic, and National Security Domains.” The goal of this symposium is to identify actions for integrating cybersecurity into other security domains. This will include examining differences and gaps in cybersecurity between countries, regions, and sub-regions and creating practical actions to address these gaps and create trusted multistakeholder partnerships.

In the Economic and National Security domain, we observed hybrid types of attacks on Ukraine, which created spill-over effects beyond Ukraine. Similarly, some escalating hybrid attacks are observed on Taiwan. In its Economic Security Act that was ratified this year, Japan recognized the interrelationship between Economic and National Security issues. Multilateral organizations, such as Five Eyes, AUKUS, the Quad, and NATO, are addressing these Economic and National Security concerns.

The digital world does not recognize borders, either physical or technological. The fact is that all security domains, including social, economic, and national, rely on similar digital technologies. Thus, the vulnerabilities in the economic, food supply, financial, energy, communications, and transportation sectors, for example, implicate cybersecurity across all technology domains. Therefore, Digital Trust is the key to creating a safe, secure, and resilient digital environment, for each of the security domains.

Throughout the Symposium, our discussions will be tailored towards international multi-stakeholder actions among government, industry, and academia. The themes will include the circular economy adopting carbon neutral initiatives as a part of SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals) and GX (Green Transformation), international fund transfers, eIDAS (electronic IDentification, Authentication and trust Services), and 5G/6G, AI, and IoT innovations.

Speakers Include: 

  • Moderator: Scott Warren, Chair of ACCJ Legal Services & IP Committee;
  • Jared Ragland, Senior Director, Policy – APAC at BSA
  • Scott Jarkoff, Executive Vice President, AFCEA;
  • James Miller, Co-Chair, Digital Transformation Committee American Chamber of Commerce in Japan;
  • Mihoko Matsubara, Chief Cybersecurity Strategist, NTT Corporation

More Information: https://symp.cysec-lab.keio.ac.jp/2022oct/program.html


A BSA | The Software Alliance (www.bsa.org) é a principal defensora do setor global de software perante governos e no mercado internacional. Seus membros estão entre as empresas mais inovadoras do mundo, criando soluções de software que estimulam a economia e melhoram a vida moderna.

Com sede em Washington, DC e operações em mais de 30 países, a BSA promove programas de conformidade que promovem o uso legal de software e defendem políticas públicas que promovem a inovação tecnológica e o crescimento da economia digital.


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