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Policy Issues

Every sector of our economy relies on software to succeed. Members of BSA | The Software Alliance provide cutting-edge cloud services, data analytics, manufacturing tools, cybersecurity solutions, and other digital capabilities to businesses of all sizes to generate new industries and new jobs. Modernized laws and policies in these priority issue areas will improve lives and support continued economic and job growth.

Read the 2021 BSA US Policy Agenda.


US: What is the Cloud Act?

US: What Is the Cloud Act?

SEP 01, 2021 | GLOBAL

The Clarifying Lawful Overseas Use of Data (CLOUD) Act amended the Electronic Communications Privacy Act (ECPA), which is the US statute governing how law enforcement agencies may obtain information held by certain technology companies, including cloud service providers. 

Confronting Bias: BSA’s Framework to Build Trust in AI cover

Confronting Bias: BSA’s Framework to Build Trust in AI

JUN 08, 2021 | GLOBAL

The Framework is a tool for ensuring that AI is accountable by design and can be used by organizations of all types to manage the risk of bias throughout a system’s lifecycle.

Making Sense of Section 230 cover

US: Making Sense of Section 230

FEB 12, 2021 | GLOBAL

This issue brief provides a high-level overview of what Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act does, why it is important to a much broader spectrum of stakeholders than those that have galvanized the current debate, and key considerations for evaluating potential reforms.

How Enterprise Software Empowers Businesses in a Data-Driven Economy cover

How Enterprise Software Empowers Businesses in a Data-Driven Economy

JAN 19, 2021 | GLOBAL

Enterprise software—or business-to-business (B2B) software—enables the operations of other companies. It helps organizations of all sizes and across all industries operate more safely and efficiently, enhance product and service development, and increase opportunities to innovate and grow.

AI for Europe cover

AI for Europe

DEC 17, 2020 | GLOBAL

BSA’s three recommendations to foster innovation, create opportunities, and enhance growth in Europe through responsible AI.



SEP 14, 2021 | US

RadioWorld, September 14, 2021. Jessica Rosenworcel appointed new members, including BSA Director of Policy Henry Young, to the Communications Security, Reliability, and Interoperability Council. CSRIC is a federal advisory committee that provides recommendations to the FCC to improve the security, reliability and interoperability of the nation’s communications systems. Read more

SEP 13, 2021 | US

On Track, September 13, 2021. BSA's Aaron Cooper joins On Track: Trending Topics in Business and Law for a special episode discussing the 10th anniversary of the Leahy–Smith America Invents Act (AIA). Read more

SEP 13, 2021 | GLOBAL

POLITICO Morning Trade, September 13, 2021. Joe Whitlock, policy director at the Software Alliance, told Morning Trade he believed a digital trade agreement could be negotiated in a way that supports the Biden administration’s “worker-focused” agenda depending on how it crafts provisions in areas like consumer protection, privacy and cybersecurity supply-chain security. Read more

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