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Cross-Border Data / Data Localization

The rapid and seamless movement of data across borders is essential to the 21st century global economy. Cross-border data transfers allow software companies to provide new and innovative services to every sector of the economy – driving growth, enabling the technologies of the future, improving health and safety, and promoting social good. BSA supports international data transfer agreements such as the EU US Privacy Shield, data transfer frameworks such as the APEC Cross-Border Privacy Rules, and data transfer provisions in trade agreements.

Data Localization

Some countries are considering, or have implemented, measures that mandate data localization.  Laws that require data to be stored locally, or that restrict the movement of data across borders, not only impede innovation in the development of cutting-edge technology, but also put every local business at a competitive disadvantage by limiting the services available to them. BSA advocates the adoption of trade norms to prevent data localization requirements and opposes new localization proposals and requirements in markets around the world.

Global Data Alliance: BSA's Cross-Industry Coalition

The free movement of data across borders drives economic growth, development, and opportunity for all. Learn more by visiting www.globaldataalliance.org.


Principles for Government Cloud Security Laws and Policies cover

Global: Principles for Government Cloud Security Laws and Policies

JUN 28, 2022 | GLOBAL

BSA urges governments to support cloud security laws and policies that make concrete cybersecurity improvement based on five principles.

Victoria Espinel's Privacy Shield Testimony Cover Page

US: Testimony of Victoria A. Espinel Before the Senate Commerce Committee on “The Invalidation of the EU-US Privacy Shield and the Future of Transatlantic Data Flows”

DEC 09, 2020 | US

Principles: Additional Safeguards for SCC Transfers cover

Principles: Additional Safeguards for SCC Transfers

OCT 22, 2020 | GLOBAL

BSA | The Software Alliance has identified seven principles to guide companies adopting additional safeguards for EU data transfers.

Strengthening Transatlantic Data Flows cover

Strengthening Transatlantic Data Flows

SEP 23, 2020 | US

Companies of all sizes and in all industries need to move data across the Atlantic to reach customers, manage supply chains, collaborate on research, and improve the services they provide to businesses and individuals. 

Cross-Border Transfer: Myths vs. Facts cover thumbnail

Cross-Border Transfer: Myths vs. Facts

JUN 11, 2019 | US

The rapid and seamless movement of data across borders is essential to the 21st century global economy — driving growth and innovation across all sectors. Some countries, however, are considering — or have implemented — measures that mandate data localization and restrict cross-border data flows.

Cross-Border Data Flows

Cross-Border Data Flows

NOV 12, 2017 | GLOBAL

Data moving across borders is critical for the services that sustain global commerce, improve health and safety, promote social good, and enable the technologies of the future.



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