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Software can fundamentally transform how governments provide services to and interact with their citizens. As some of the biggest consumers of information technology (IT) products and services, governments work best when they have access to secure, cutting-edge solutions — including software, computer hardware, artificial intelligence (AI) technologies, and cloud computing services. BSA supports technology-neutral and streamlined government procurement practices that rely on well-established, internationally recognized standards that are global, voluntary, and developed through industry-led multi-stakeholder processes.

As outdated IT systems are both less efficient and more susceptible to cyberattacks, BSA advocates procurement policies that enable governments to acquire the best-in-class commercial solutions with the confidence that these technologies are secure, interoperable, and efficient. To that end, BSA has worked to support: cloud computing adoption; the use of software asset management (SAM) practices by public sector entities; the proactive patching and upgrading of software assets; the incorporation of cybersecurity priorities in acquisition rules; and the adoption of viable alternatives to counterproductive procurement policies such as domestic sourcing preferences and overly burdensome compliance regimes. These policies can empower governments to harness the vast potential of software to meet the needs of their citizens and their institutions in new and innovative ways.


Strengthening Cybersecurity Through Value-Based IT Procurement

Strengthening Cybersecurity Through Value-Based IT Procurement

FEB 14, 2018 | GLOBAL

Government use of “Lowest Price Technically Acceptable” (LPTA) contracting, while appropriate in some circumstances, should be avoided when it comes to information technology and cybersecurity.

BSA Comments on White House IT Modernization Plan

US: BSA Comments on White House IT Modernization Plan

SEP 19, 2017 | GLOBAL



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MAY 13, 2020 | US

BSA | The Software Alliance sent a letter to Congress outlining the software industry’s priorities for future COVID-19 relief legislation. The letter highlighted four key areas of focus: reliable and secure access to high-speed internet, modernized government information technology, skills training, and small business access to cloud services. Read more

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