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Software-driven technologies are creating new types of jobs in every sector of the economy, generating new career pathways and driving economic opportunity. In fact, around the world, software-related jobs are growing faster than businesses can fill them. Many of these new jobs require an evolving set of skills. Governments and the private sector are increasingly looking for ways to help workers obtain the skills and credentials needed to compete for these jobs. BSA works with governments around the world to develop creative solutions to these challenges and to help governments harness the vast potential of software-driven growth.

Enabling the global workforce to thrive in the new digital economy requires preparing new generations for the jobs of the future, assisting current workers as they transition to new professional possibilities, and expanding opportunities to reach a larger pool of talented workers. BSA advocates for collaborative action between the government and the private sector to: (1) improve global access to STEM education; (2) create and expand alternative pathways to the evolving workforce; (3) develop new approaches to workforce re-training; (4) broaden access to critical technologies; and (5) promote responsible immigration policies.


BSA Policy Agenda to Build Tomorrow’s Workforce

Innovation, Competitiveness, Opportunity: A Policy Agenda to Build Tomorrow’s Workforce

MAY 01, 2018 | GLOBAL

Both the government and the private sector have important roles in implementing policies that will prepare today’s workers and the next generation for the jobs software creates.



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FEB 18, 2021 | US

"When combined with policies that support skills training for US workers, responsible and balanced immigration policies make America stronger and help retain jobs in the US,” said Craig Albright, Vice President, Legislative Strategy at BSA. Read more

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