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BSA 支持采取措施,提升政府和行业的实力,并做好应对网络安全威胁的准备。这包括维护安全的软件生态系统,加强网络安全从业人员的能力,支持相关政策、以开发尖端的网络安全技术,以及采取其他举措、以维护和保护信息基础设施。


BSA Priorities in Cybersecurity cover

BSA Priorities in Cybersecurity

NOV 18, 2020 | US

BSA calls on the incoming Administration to take robust action to confront cybersecurity threats and elevate US global cybersecurity leadership. Immediate priorities should include securing the software ecosystem, recalibrating supply chain policies, securing the Internet of Things, advancing cybersecurity through digital transformation, and organizing the government to combat cyber threats.

BSA 2020 Cybersecurity Agenda cover

Securing Tomorrow: BSA’s Cybersecurity Priorities and Software’s Essential Role

FEB 03, 2020 | GLOBAL

BSA | The Software Alliance urges governments to embrace software solutions, as well as collaboration with the software industry, to confront urgent security challenges.

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Updated: BSA Framework for Secure Software

SEP 22, 2020 | GLOBAL

BSA’s first-of-its-kind framework is a flexible and holistic approach to guide and assess efforts to enhance software security.

BSA Principles for Good Governance: Supply Chain Risk Management cover

BSA Principles for Good Governance: Supply Chain Risk Management

JUL 17, 2019 | GLOBAL

Managing security risks to information technology supply chains is an important priority for both governments and businesses globally.

BSA International Cybersecurity Framework

BSA International Cybersecurity Framework

APR 23, 2018 | GLOBAL | US

Working together, government and industry can help the world’s citizens reap the benefits of the digital economy while protecting our safety, security, and privacy.

Global: Principles for Coordinated Vulnerability Disclosure

Global: Principles for Coordinated Vulnerability Disclosure

MAR 22, 2019 | GLOBAL

Today’s interconnected ecosystem demands a coordinated approach for addressing software vulnerabilities.





JAN 04, 2021 | US

Nextgov, January 4, 2021. “While BSA understands that the Department of Defense seeks to create private sector-based certification infrastructure in order to enable it to meet the requirement for certifications across such a large group of vendors, the current approach creates a number of challenges undermining the integrity of the process, including potential for conflicts of interest, profiteering, and outsourcing of an inherently governmental function,” BSA | The Software Alliance wrote in response to the interim rule. 阅读更多信息