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跨境数据传输 / 数据本地化

数据快速、无缝地跨境移动,这是 21 世纪全球经济的基本要求。软件公司可跨境传输数据,为各个经济部门提供最新的创新型服务——推动增长、运用未来的技术、提高健康和安全水平,以及提升社会福祉。BSA 支持国际数据传输协议(如:欧盟美国隐私盾协议)、数据传输框架(如:APEC 跨境隐私规则),以及贸易协议中的数据传输条款。


一些国家正在考虑,或已经实施了种种措施,要求强制对数据进行本地化处理。一些法律要求将数据存储在本地,或会限制跨境移动数据。这些法律不仅阻碍了尖端技术的开发创新活动,还会限制本地各企业可以使用的服务,并因此让这些企业处于不利的竞争境地。BSA 提倡采用贸易规范,取代数据本地化要求,并反对在全球市场中,提出新的本地化提案和要求。

Global Data Alliance: BSA's Cross-Industry Coalition

The free movement of data across borders drives economic growth, development, and opportunity for all. Learn more by visiting www.globaldataalliance.org.


Strengthening Transatlantic Data Flows cover

Strengthening Transatlantic Data Flows

SEP 23, 2020 | US

Companies of all sizes and in all industries need to move data across the Atlantic to reach customers, manage supply chains, collaborate on research, and improve the services they provide to businesses and individuals. And customers—on both sides of the Atlantic—deserve to know that their personal data will be maintained private and secure when their data is transferred. Transatlantic data flows are among the most important for both Europe and the US, accounting for over one-half of Europe’s data transfers and about half of US data transfers. Disruption to transatlantic data flows can have significant adverse effects on consumers, businesses, and economic vitality.

Cross-Border Transfer: Myths vs. Facts cover thumbnail

Cross-Border Transfer: Myths vs. Facts

JUN 11, 2019 | US

The rapid and seamless movement of data across borders is essential to the 21st century global economy — driving growth and innovation across all sectors. Some countries, however, are considering — or have implemented — measures that mandate data localization and restrict cross-border data flows.

US: Please Support USMCA

US: Please Support USMCA

AUG 02, 2019 | US

The USMCA’s digital trade and IP rules will accelerate economic growth, create new jobs, and foster innovation in America.

Cross-Border Data Flows

Cross-Border Data Flows

NOV 12, 2017 | GLOBAL

Data moving across borders is critical for the services that sustain global commerce, improve health and safety, promote social good, and enable the technologies of the future.





SEP 09, 2022 | US | ASIA PACIFIC

BSA | The Software Alliance congratulates the leaders of Australia, Brunei, Fiji, India, Indonesia, Japan, Republic of Korea, Malaysia, New Zealand, the Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, the United States, and Vietnam on the conclusion of the September 2022 Ministerial Conference and the release of Ministerial Statements relating to four pillars – connected economy (trade), clean economy, fair economy, and supply chains. 阅读更多信息