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NOV 01, 2021 | GLOBAL

The Global Data Alliance Applauds G20 Declaration on Data Transfers and Digital Transformation

WASHINGTON – November 1, 2021 – The Global Data Alliance supports the G20 Rome Leaders’ Declaration, which underscores the role of cross-border data transfers, digital transformation, and online responsibility in promoting sustainable development, innovation, and inclusion. G20 leaders emphasized:

  • The importance of data free flow with trust and cross-border data flows;
  • The role of data for development;
  • Technology and innovation as key enablers for global recovery; and
  • Digital trust, including in relation to privacy, data protection, security, and intellectual property rights.

G20 leaders expressed support for policies that can “create an enabling, inclusive, open, fair and non-discriminatory digital economy that fosters the application of new technologies, allows businesses and entrepreneurs to thrive, and protects and empowers consumers.” They also committed to “identifying commonalities, complementarities and elements of convergence between existing regulatory approaches and instruments enabling data to flow with trust, in order to foster future interoperability.”

“The Global Data Alliance supports the G20’s commitment to interoperability, non-discrimination, digital inclusion, and cross-border data transfers,” said Joseph Whitlock, Director, Policy at BSA | The Software Alliance. “Global Data Alliance members share a deep and long-standing commitment to supporting economic development, building digital trust, and protecting personal data across regions, technologies, and business models.”

Cross-border data transfers power sustainable economic development in all sectors — from farming and fisheries; to services of all types; to the manufacturing industries. Data transfers are critical at every stage of the value chain for companies of all sizes — including micro, small, and medium-sized enterprises (MSMEs) — supporting access to global markets, fostering innovation, and promoting productivity, safety, and environmental responsibility. Data transfers enable remote work, remote health, and remote education solutions that have supported COVID-19 recovery. Cross-border data transfers also support other priorities, including enabling digital connectivity, transnational research and development, cybersecurity, fraud prevention, anti-money laundering, and a broad range of other activities relating to the protection of health, privacy, security, intellectual property, and regulatory compliance.


The Global Data Alliance (globaldataalliance.org) is a cross-industry coalition of companies that are committed to high standards of data responsibility and that rely on the ability to transfer data around the world to innovate and create jobs. Alliance members are headquartered across the globe and are active in the advanced manufacturing, aerospace, automotive, consumer goods, electronics, financial services, health, media and entertainment, natural resources, supply chain, and telecommunications sectors, among others. BSA | The Software Alliance administers the Global Data Alliance.


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