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Compliance Solutions

Protect Your Business and Your Customers

Unlicensed and counterfeit software use is a global problem. Malware from unlicensed software costs companies nearly $359 billion per year.

BSA Compliance Solutions supports our members and their customers by partnering with key stakeholders around the world to raise awareness of the risk of malware, ransomware, and other critical security threats and drive license compliance through sound IT procurement.

Protect Your Intellectual Property

Software companies are losing nearly $46 billion a year due to unlicensed software. BSA Compliance Solutions successfully turns these opportunities into revenue for members, delivering more than $400 million in sales to our member companies since 2010.

Visit our website bsacompliancesolutions.org.


What We Offer

Education & Awareness

BSA supports our members by partnering with key stakeholders around the world to raise awareness of the security risks of using unlicensed software and the benefits of software asset management. Strong software asset management (SAM) practices can help protect companies from these risks while optimizing their IT asset investments. BSA has been successfully developing and executing these campaigns and programs for over 30 years, leveraging targeted local tactics, unparalleled relationships, deep industry knowledge, and our trusted global brand. 
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End-User Enforcement

Join the major players in the software industry to drive the use of licensed enterprise software around the world.

By participating in BSA enforcement, you make your corporate end-user customers safer and more secure while recovering significant revenue. We strategically select each case and carefully oversee our programs to optimize results, minimize risk, and drive revenue. 
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License Compliance Services

We identify, contact, and convert thousands of unlicensed software users into customers every year, strategically leveraging the BSA brand to increase your revenue.

BSA’s License Compliance Services team works closely with you and your channel partners to identify and convert customers around the world, retain existing customers, and promote cloud solutions. 
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Global Internet Enforcement

Stop the unlicensed distribution of your software online.

The unauthorized posting, distribution, and sale of your software products online can hurt your customers and undermine your intellectual property rights. This infringement costs software companies billions of dollars a year in lost revenue and reputational harm.

We protect our members and their customers by employing data-driven solutions that find and removing listings and products from search engines, marketplaces, and file-sharing sites. 
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For more information, please visit bsacompliancesolutions.org.