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BSA advocates for modern laws and policies that build trust among people, companies, and governments. Our mission is to ensure that responsible software innovation can thrive throughout the world. We have offices, staff, and operations in 30+ countries.

Software supports every sector of the global economy and creates millions of jobs. BSA speaks for the software industry globally on a range of issues, including privacy, cybersecurity, trade, data transfers across international borders, artificial intelligence, law enforcement access, liability rules, intellectual property, and workforce. We engage with policymakers on complicated issues and we do so with substance, creativity, and a desire to solve problems.

BSA membership also gives you access to programs that drive sales revenue to our members through our respected license compliance and enforcement programs.

BSA offers three membership options to address your business needs.

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For more information on BSA as well as specific information regarding which category of membership best fits your company, please contact: