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As the leading advocate for the global software industry, BSA | The Software Alliance conducts integrated policy and compliance and enforcement programs that accelerate the digital economy by protecting intellectual property rights, opening global markets, and fostering the growth of innovations such as cloud computing.

BSA is the only technology association with truly international reach. It has offices, staff, and active operations in dozens of countries around the world, so our members enjoy the benefits of compliance and enforcement and policy programs on a global, regional, and country-specific basis.

Our policy team works with governments and public stakeholders from Washington to Tokyo and Brussels to São Paulo to improve market conditions for software companies that commercialize intellectual property, which they create by investing heavily in research and product development. BSA’s compliance and enforcement team, meanwhile, ensures our member companies’ innovations are fully licensed and end users understand the benefits of legitimate software.

BSA offers a number of membership options based on companies’ business needs.


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For more information on BSA as well as specific information regarding which category of membership best fits your company, please contact: