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많은 웹사이트와 마찬가지로, BSA의 웹사이트는 쿠키를 사용하여 해당 웹사이트의 효율적인 기능을 보장하고 당사 사용자에게 최상의 경험을 제공합니다. 당사의 쿠키 사용법 및 귀하의 브라우저 쿠키 설정을 변경하는 법에 대한 자세한 내용은 당사의 쿠키 취급방침에서 더 알아보실 수 있습니다. 쿠키 설정을 변경하지 않고 이 사이트를 계속 이용함으로써 귀하는 당사의 쿠키 사용에 동의하시는 게 됩니다.


정책 현안

우리 경제에서 모든 부문의 성공 여부는 소프트웨어에 달려 있습니다. 소프트웨어 연합 BSA의 회원사들은 모든 규모의 기업들에 새로운 산업과 새로운 일자리를 창출하기 위한 첨단의 클라우드 서비스, 데이터 분석, 제조 도구, 사이버보안 솔루션 및 기타 디지털 기능을 제공합니다. 이런 우선 순위 문제 분야의 현대화된 법과 정책이 삶을 개선하고 지속적인 경제 성장과 고용 성장을 지원합니다.

특정 주제의 정책연구 및 입장 해명서

BSA 5G Security Agenda cover

Securing 5G: A Call to Harness Software Innovation

JUL 21, 2020 | GLOBAL

Governments across the globe are racing to develop and deploy 5G technologies because of the enormous potential of 5G networks to transform businesses and individual lives. 5G networks will bring quantum leaps in speed, latency reduction, and flexibility that enable a wide range of new applications. In particular, 5G will support massive expansion of the Internet of Things (IoT), which is expected to grow to more than 200 billion devices by 2023. Together, these technologies will fundamentally reshape the global economy, improve the quality of life for billions of individuals, reshape the digital ecosystem, and transform how humans interact with the physical world.

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BSA Principles of IoT Cover

BSA Policy Principles for Building a Secure and Trustworthy Internet of Things

JUL 02, 2020 | GLOBAL

As trusted leaders in the global software industry, BSA members are at the forefront of Internet of Things (IoT) innovation, including advancements in IoT security. BSA endorses the following principles for building trust in the IoT that embody a responsible, risk-based approach to government IoT security policy.

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BSA Response & Recovery Agenda Cover 2020

BSA Response & Recovery Agenda

MAY 27, 2020 | GLOBAL

BSA’s Response & Recovery Agenda identifies the policy priorities and strategic initiatives that will enable governments and their citizens to prepare for and implement increased remote working, resilient education systems, and other remote-based activities.

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BSA Controller Processor position paper cover

The Global Standard: Distinguishing Between Controllers and Processors in Privacy Legislation

MAR 03, 2020 | GLOBAL

Comprehensive privacy legislation must create strong obligations for all companies that handle consumer data. These obligations will only be strong enough to protect consumer privacy and instill trust, though, if they reflect how a company interacts with consumer data.

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Global Best Practices for Law Enforcement Access to Digital Evidence cover

Global Best Practices for Law Enforcement Access to Digital Evidence

SEP 23, 2019 | GLOBAL

BSA recommends global best practices relating to law enforcement access to digital evidence that promote strong commitments to privacy, security, transparency, and the rule of law, while fostering constructive collaboration between governments, law enforcement agencies, and technology providers.

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최신 정책 뉴스

OCT 13, 2020 | US

Inside Cybersecurity, October 13, 2020. “We share the goal of the Defense Department to embrace modern software development and the policy is very useful for us and our members,” Tommy Ross, senior director of policy at BSA | The Software Alliance, told Inside Cybersecurity. “However, the pathway should not just be about developing software rapidly. It needs to also be about developing software that is secure.” 더 읽기

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