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OCT 13, 2021 | GLOBAL

BSA Releases Priorities to Strengthen Trust, Safeguard Digital Transformation

2021 agenda highlights five key areas to improve cybersecurity

WASHINGTON – October 13, 2021 – People around the world have come to rely on software to enable remote learning, working, and healthcare during the COVID-19 pandemic. And companies in every sector are increasingly leveraging the power of digital transformation to work more efficiently. To protect the digital ecosystem during this period of rapid growth, enterprises and policymakers must prioritize cybersecurity.

In connection with International Cybersecurity Awareness Month, Strengthening Trust, Safeguarding Digital Transformation: BSA’s Cybersecurity Agenda outlines specific actions government leaders can take to strengthen cybersecurity. Recommendations in the agenda range from modernizing government IT to improving software security and highlight how secure technologies can support broad and inclusive growth.

“The COVID-19 pandemic has underscored the importance of digital transformation and software-enabled technologies. As more and more businesses and people rely on software to run their businesses, see their doctors, and connect with loved ones, effective cybersecurity is imperative. And it will remain essential as 5G, the Internet of Things, blockchain, and AI become more widespread,” said Victoria Espinel, President and CEO of BSA | The Software Alliance. “BSA’s updated cybersecurity agenda builds on our industry-leading Framework for Secure Software to establish a core set of issues for policymakers to consider as they tackle cybersecurity issues in the coming year. We look forward to continuing our partnerships with government and industry to foster a secure digital ecosystem and prepare for the challenges of tomorrow.”

In the agenda, BSA identifies the following priorities and policy recommendations:

  • Robust Software Security: BSA supports evaluating software security using a lens of continuous improvement and using public-private partnerships to develop laws and policies that improve software cybersecurity risk management.
  • Cybersecurity for Emerging Technologies: BSA supports developing risk-based laws and policies that encourage security-by-design principles and promote a holistic approach to cybersecurity.
  • Modernization of Government IT and Cybersecurity: BSA supports investing in the long-term security of IT and cybersecurity at all levels of government, including by migrating to cloud services and implementing strong identity and access management practices, and streamlining procurement processes and requirements.
  • Interoperable Cybersecurity Laws and Policies Across Borders: BSA supports aligning international laws and policies and ensuring these improve cybersecurity instead of functioning as non-tariff trade barriers.
  • An Effective Cybersecurity Workforce: BSA supports broadening opportunities to develop the diverse workforce of the future and promoting alternative paths to cybersecurity careers.

To read the full agenda, visit: https://www.bsa.org/policy-filings/strengthening-trust-safeguarding-digital-transformation-bsas-cybersecurity-agenda


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With headquarters in Washington, DC, and operations in more than 30 countries, BSA pioneers compliance programs that promote legal software use and advocates for public policies that foster technology innovation and drive growth in the digital economy.


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